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Sport Shieldz®

Head injuries occur every day in most competitive activities. Sport Shieldz® provides an additional layer of impact dissipating padding to help reduce a percentage of g-force, associated with impact, during a collision. Sport Shieldz® use XRD Protection which conforms between the head and helmet and is some cases may improve the fit of a traditional helmet to the different shapes and sizes of heads.

For more information visit http://www.sportshieldz.com/.

<h2>ENFORCER Protective Cap</h2>

ENFORCER Protective Cap

The Enforcer is full coverage, covering both the head and ears. This lightweight form fitting cap designed for those wanting full coverage, with added protection enhancement. Ideal for colder weather sports. Features “pony tail friendly” opening in the back. Fits comfortably under a helmet. Made with anti-microbial foam. Moisture-wicking.