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An International innovator in work- and safety footwear

Jalas is one of the leading manufacturers of spcial footwear in the Nordic countries. Jalas' main products are occupational and safety footwear for industry and the service sector. The Jalas range also includes ski-jumping boots and orienteering footwear.

The following Jalas styles utilize XRD® Impact Protection Technology throughout the heel and forepart of the insole.

For more information visit http://www.ejendals.se.

<h2>Jalass 8202 FX2 Insole </h2>

Jalass 8202 FX2 Insole

Jalass 8202 FX2 Insole with PORON® XRD™ Impact Protection

<h2>Challenger 3920a</h2>

Challenger 3920a

<h2>ZENIT 3010</h2>

ZENIT 3010

<h2>Drylock 3318</h2>

Drylock 3318

<h2>ZENIT 3000</h2>

ZENIT 3000

<h2>Drylock 3308</h2>

Drylock 3308