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Arbesko - the market leader on safety and occupational footwear on the Scandinavian market

Arbesko is a Swedish family business. We develop and manufacture our own safety and occupational footwear for professional users. Our products can be found with resellers across Europe. The history of Arbesko dates back to 1839, when we lay the foundations for Sweden’s first shoe factory. In 1952 we decided to focus on safety and occupational footwear and have been a trademark for quality, ergonomics and comfort ever since.

Arbesko is one of the first companies in Europe to use theXRD® Material as metatarsal protection. We use the XRD® Material in our Arbesko 651- an extraordinary heat resistant foundry boot.

For more information visit http://www.arbesko.com.

<h2>Arbesko 651</h2>

Arbesko 651

Heat resistant foundry boot with soft, flexible and durable metatarsal protection (protection for the mid-foot), superb shock absorption, scuff guard, aluminium toe cap, soft penetration protection and a nitrile rubber sole which has excellent grip and is both heat resistant and electrically insulating.

Upper: Impregnated, full grain, heat resistant leather with aluminium- and zirconium tanning. Heat resistant Kevlar stitching. Soft, flexible and durable metatarsal protection made from PORON® XRD™ Material*. PU scuff guard. Aluminium toe cap.

Lining: Full grain pigskin.

Footbed: Insole with steel shank in arch for support and stability. Full length Poliyou® insert. Energy Gel Duo® for superb shock absorption in both heel and tread section. Soft penetration protection.

Outsole: Asymetrix Nitrile – durable, hardwearing functional sole made from heat resistant nitrile rubber with excellent grip. Electrically insulating, approved in accordance with Electric Hazard Resistant Footwear (EH) ASTM F2413-11.

Last: Very spacious.

Protection category: EN ISO 20345, SB, P, E, WRU, M, HRO, HI, SRA. Sizes: 35–48.

* PORON® XRD™ Material provides powerful impact support, developed to withstand the most extreme conditions. When subject to impact, the support creates a protective shield which can absorb up to 90% of the force (as measured by ASTM F1624-C), again and again.

The PORON® XRD™ Material is a technological foam which consists of open cells. The material is breathable and antibacterial.

PORON and XRD are licensed trademarks of Rogers Corporation.