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By implementing the latest in superior technology in moisture management, high performing fabrics and now impact absorption, Klim offers as system of riding clothing that provides the ultimate in comfort, fit, mobility and protection.

For more information visit http://www.klimusa.com/product/Klim-Tactical-Short.

<h2>Klim Element Long Glove</h2>

Klim Element Long Glove

<h2>Klim Element Short Glove</h2>

Klim Element Short Glove

<h2>Klim Adventure Glove</h2>

Klim Adventure Glove

<h2>Klim Tactical Short</h2>

Klim Tactical Short

<h2>Klim Tactical Pant</h2>

Klim Tactical Pant

Klim Tactical Short with ORON® XRD™ Protective Padding

Now available for your ski, snowboard, snowmobile and other winter activities. visit www.klimusa.com to purchase today.

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