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The Spartan protection base layer integrates comfortable, flexible, and lightweight protectors on elbows & shoulders which have virtually with no impact to the freedom of movement.

For more information visit http://catalog.sandiline.com.

<h2>Protection Baselayer Shirt Spartan </h2>

Protection Baselayer Shirt Spartan

On impact, the PORON XRD high-performance molecules create a unique protective shield that can repeatedly absorb up to 90% of the most intense force.

Meant to be used in colder days the Spartan helps to regulate the body temperature & to keep it constant. The polypropylene fibers close to the skin catches excessive humidity & sweat drops transporting them to the outside, where the expander treatment releases it to a larger surface to facilitate evaporation (In-Out technology).



A special yarn, called Profitex, under the arms prevent bruises and blisters during rubbing. The graduated compression areas or Power dispensers keep the muscle vibrations under control & stabilizes it avoiding energy waste.

The Spartan is treated with an antibacterial agent to reduce hygiene issues.