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Storelli BodyShield Goalkeeper ¾ Shirt Review

Every once and a while, a product comes along that just makes so much sense. It makes you wonder why it had not been thought of earlier, and that product is the BodyShield GK Shirt from Storelli. There are two main areas that a good piece of goalkeeper equipment must provide in order to be deemed a good product, and that is protection and an enhanced ability to stop the ball. We’ve seen this kind of technology applied to goalkeeper gloves, through finger spines and high performance latex palms, but that is only your hands, and as any goalie should know, the use of your body to stop the ball from crossing the line is just as important.

To finish the review and view a video displaying Storelli's new BodyShield in action, visit the link below:

<h2>BodyShield Sliding Short</h2>

BodyShield Sliding Short

Designed to provide you the protection and light-weight mobility you need during competitive matches, these slider incorporate PORON® XRD™ technology that protects you when you dive or slide without hindering your movements.

<h2>BodyShield GK 3/4 Shirt</h2>

BodyShield GK 3/4 Shirt

This groundbreaking goalkeeper undershirt incorporates two technologies never before seen in soccer:

  • PORON® XRD™ extreme impact protection that protects you while confirming tightly to your body
  • ChesTrap chest pad (patent-pending) design to help goalkeepers absorb shots that hit their chest, facilitating saves and decreasing rebounds.
<h2>BodyShield GK Shorts</h2>

BodyShield GK Shorts

These shorts are designed with PORON® XRD™ technology to give you the heavy-duty protection you need during practice or when playing on hard surfaces, while still conforming closely to your body for maximum comfort.

<h2>XRB - 1 Keeper Gloves</h2>

XRB - 1 Keeper Gloves

Storellie's groundbreaking XRB-1 glove line incorporates aXorb technology (a combination of PORON® XRD™ Protection and Storelli design) to afford a level of shot absorption never seen before.

<h2>XRB - 1 MatchDay Keeper Gloves</h2>

XRB - 1 MatchDay Keeper Gloves

The XRB-1 MatchDay model incorporates the same technologies characterized by the XRB-1 line with the additional 3mm ExtraGrip Professional German latex for extra-sticky grip you need during your competitive matches.