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IXO Ingenieria

IXO® It’s a high-end manufacturing company, specialized in custom pieces and luxury objects, all manufactured in aeronautical grade carbon fiber prepreg, vacuum compacted and cured in oven, with perfect finish and design.

IXO Ingenieria
C/ Fontanes, 107
36214 Vigo (Pontevedra)
Phone: +34 660549707
E-mail: info@ixoplastico.com

For more information visit http://www.ixocarbon.com.



High-end quality carbon fiber shinpads, with PORON® XRD Cushioning (ONLY, in the PRO Model)

Watch the IXO Works video on Vimeo. This video shows how we work at IXO, very carefully, without any hurry, just making our pieces become objects of art, second by second.

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