XRD® 810 Series: Custom Die Cut Program

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Flexibility and Freedom of Design

The PORON® and XRD® 810 Series offer an easy and convenient solution for customized designs ranging from body protection to contouring electronic case protection and footwear.

Utilize the 810 Die-Cut Program for a one-stop shopping experience of design, development and production of finished cushioning or impact protection shape. You control your design and shorten your product development cycle.

Design Concept to Application in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Choose Your 810 Series Design. Multiple patterns for your specific use:
    • 810 Hex
      • Hex pattern creates hinging to promote freedom of movement and flexibility.
      • Suggested Use: Upper and lower body protection (XRD® Technology) or comfort padding (PORON® Slow Rebound)
      • Note: the 810 Hex is available in 2 distinct material offerings:
        • XRD® Extreme Impact Protection – Soft and contouring yet tough on impact, XRD Technology gives you the best repeated impact protection solution. Available in Vivid Yellow (65) color.
        • PORON® Slow Rebound – Unique, custom contouring foam that offers ultimate comfort, support and even pressure distribution. Great memory-like foam that continues to rebound after each use. Available in Salmon (55) color.
    • 810 Mini Hex
      • Lower profile and smaller hex pattern provides additional mobility and comfort.
      • Suggested Use: Protective padding for joints such as elbows, knees and knuckles.
      • Available in XRD Extreme Impact Protection – Vivid Yellow (65) color.
    • 810 Cones
      • Dual action protection system designed to adapt to different levels of impact. While the unique cone shape is dissipating impact, XRD Technology also works to absorb impact.
      • Suggested Use: High impact protection for helmets, thighs, shoulders, etc.
      • Available in XRD Extreme Impact Protection – Vivid Yellow (65) color.
    • 810 Delta
      • Designed with minimized weight and thickness, while maintaining excellent impact protection abilities.
      • Suggested Use: Protective padding for tight spaces such as ankles, ribs and forearms.
      • Available in XRD Extreme Impact Protection – Vivid Yellow (65) color.
    • 810 Tear Drop
      • Maximum impact protection coverage and flexibility made possible with unique, smooth flowing tessellation that minimizes zones of exposure.
      • Suggested Use: Full coverage protection for lower and upper body.
      • Available in XRD Extreme Impact Protection – Vivid Yellow (65) color.
  2. Design Your Shape(s)
    • Developing new designs is quick and easy. Simply outline your desired shape within the 810 Series pattern, then cut the design to trial and test.
      • Additional sizes may be available – please contact your Rogers Sales Engineer.
    • Pricing, samples and manufacturing is handed directly between you and your Rogers Representative.
  3. Construct Your Product
    • Your custom shapes can be inserted into your product by adhesion, welding or pocket.
    • Ask your Sales Engineer for additional product application examples.
p>810 Mini Hex

Hex Pattern

810 Cones

Cone Pattern

810 Delta

Delta Pattern

810 Tear Drop

Tear Drop Pattern