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XRD® Applications - Shoulders

Torso and Shoulders

XRD® Molecules are uniquely suited to provide overall protection in a lightweight, lower profile and ultimately more comfortable design. XRD® Technology will give you full mobility and maximum protection in all the body areas you need to protect most: shoulders, chest, side and spine.

XRD® Applications - Knee

Elbows and Knees

Your joints require comfort and protection that won't get in the way of the action. XRD® Padding has got you covered, with close contouring protection that conforms to your every move when in motion but forms a comfortable protective shell around the body upon impact.

XRD® Applications - Hip and Shin

Hip and Shin

Say goodbye to the stiff plastic guards that were cramping your style. With XRD® protection, you get superior hip and shin protection together with a flexible, lightweight and comfortable fit.

XRD® Applications - Hands


From metatarsal to ankle protection, XRD® Materials are designed to offer the best flexible impact protection without the added bulk. For over 40 years, Rogers has been a leader in footwear technology and we will continue to develop innovative materials to suit your specific design needs.

XRD® Applications - Hands


Whether you’re negotiating extreme conditions on an oil rig or gunning for the goal line, your hands are going to take a serious beating. Protective gloves featuring XRD® Pads contour to your hands like a second skin but form a comfortable protective shell upon impact